My story

I have always been curious about what makes people tick: the unwritten rules of social interactions, the internal motivations driving behaviors, the why behind the what. When the Enneagram found me, I immediately felt the truth of the system in how it put words to my experience and in how it helped me to more fully understand those around me. I have been studying the Enneagram for over a decade and haven't come to the end of new discoveries, applications, levels, and truth.

As I have progressed in my journey with the Enneagram, I naturally found myself sharing what I was learning by facilitating group discussions and conducting informal one-on-one coaching. I was the friend that people came to when they were feeling stuck and needed ideas or next steps. I found myself using the Enneagram in my personal, community, and professional environments, leading me to complete the Full Circle Enneagram Training and Certification program in 2018. In my quest to help people more accurately identify their type, I have also studied the Myers-Briggs system in depth and offer unique insight on the interactions of these two systems and the ability to use these insights to help you identify next steps on your growth path or in a time of transition.

My search for the why behind the what has also resulted in a PhD in chemistry. Chemical reactions are much like social interactions: both are invisible to the naked eye, but the impacts can be monumental.

I am a traveler, outdoor enthusiast, orchid whisperer, mountain-aholic, and frequent Artist's Way doer. I find magic in nature, never pass up an opportunity to step on a crunchy leaf, and can't follow a recipe. I consider it a privilege to come alongside people and serve as a "believing mirror" on the journey beyond personality towards the true self.

My approach and services

Using the Enneagram as a tool, I offer life coaching, workshops, and small group facilitation to empower you on the journey of personal development and transformation. Combining unique insights from several other typology systems, including the Myers-Briggs, I work with you to identify next steps on your path towards growth and deepening relationships. Rather than approaching personal growth from a purely individualistic perspective, I work with you to develop strategies for balancing internal focus and effort with external support from community and believing others, which is an essential part of our journey towards wholeness and our truest self. 

My compass

I believe in calling forth the unique potential innate in each person and in providing tools and support for people moving towards growth and wholeness.

I believe in openhearted community as one of the keys to personal development and transformation.

I believe the Enneagram offers invaluable wisdom on your path towards wholeness and for the creation of healthier dynamics in personal and professional relationships.